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April 3nd, 2013 9pm GMT/UK, 4pm EST, 10pm CET, 2pm Mexico

@channel4 I will not be betting on or watching the Grand National race this
year. #CrueltytoHorses #ENDGrandNational

@channel4racing I will not be betting on or watching the Grand National race
this year. #CrueltytoHorses #ENDGrandNational

@GrandnationalGB I will not be betting on or watching the Grand National race
this year. #CrueltytoHorses #ENDGrandNational

@13GrandNational I will not be betting on or watching the Grand National race
this year. #CrueltytoHorses #ENDGrandNational
DON'T bet on horse cruelty-Donate ur $$ instead 2 sanctuaries tht help
horses-not 2 an industry that exploits & kills them #ENDGrandNational

Aintree Racecourse is famous for being the most DIFFICULT racecourse in the
UK!!! #ENDGrandNational

Aintree racecourse has reputation as the ultimate test of horse. Many fall at
Becher's Brook, The Chair & the Canal Turn. #ENDGrandNational

#ENDGrandnational Demonstrations against Grand National race to be held at
Aintree racecourse & @Channel4 in London April 6

#ENDGrandNational @LushLtd displays tombstone window in memory of racehorse
fatalities ahead of Aintree race.

#ENDGrandNational Adverts across London & in national newspaper call on ppl NOT
to bet on the National

#ENDGrandNational Adverts asking people NOT to bet on the race, are appearing in
The Daily Telegraph newspaper 

#ENDGrandNational Grand National average of six horse deaths per 1,000 horses
taking part is the HIGHEST death rate of all

#ENDGrandNational Please consider using your $ to HELP horses rather than bet on
their lives! 

#ENDGrandNational It is cruel & unjustified to subject horses to danger for
sport and money!!

#ENDGrandNational If you bet on a horse, you are BETTING ON HIS LIFE.

#ENDGrandNational SUPPORT the Sanctuary Not Cruelty scheme! Donate to horse
sanctuary rather than their deaths.

#ENDGrandNational A horse killed during the Grand National is not just an 'obstacle on the course' !!!pic.twitter.com/ipMSYDBVzn


#ENDGrandNational - Aintree named most dangerous racecourse in the country

This horse had to be put down on course after a fall at Aintree Racecourse  #ENDGrandNationalpic.twitter.com/qrgiZZnNh1

Demonstrations against GRAND NATIONAL to be held at Aintree racecourse and
outside @Channel4 studios in London April 6 #ENDGrandNational

#ENDGrandNational Please tell @channel4 you will NOT be supporting the Grand
National #AnimalCruelty #Dontbetonanimalslives

#ENDGrandNational Grand National only serves as reminder of the absolute
disregard 4 animals & their welfare which some humans seem to have

#ENDGrandNational RACE HORSE DEATHWATCH http://www.horsedeathwatch.com/ 944
Horse DEATHS due to horse racing in 2207 days

#ENDGrandNational There is nothing heroic about forcing horses to gallop round a
dangerous course at high speed & risk sustaining painful & fatal falls

#ENDGrandNational Some riders have never even ridden their Grand National Horses
before. This is not acceptable!!!

#EndGrandNational - Grand National Factsheet http://www.animalaid.org.uk/images/pdf/factfiles/GrandNational.pdf

#ENDGrandNational 5 of the dangerous jump fences do not have clear sight lines
for horses !!!

#ENDGrandNational Grand National Aintree has the highest amount of FENCES and
longest DISTANCE in all UK racecourses.

#ENDGrandNational Horses keep running despite injury because they are herd
animals. Not because they enjoy it.

#ENDGrandNational THREE horses have died at FENCE 15: THE CHAIR - the highest
fence on course, 5"2 with a 6 foot wide ditch!!

#ENDGrandNational Racehorse Ornais in 2011 fell & died instantly from a broken
neck on course, was described as "obstacle" on course!!!

#ENDGrandNational THIS is Dooneys Gate.He fell & died instantly on the racecourse. He was described as an "obstacle" pic.twitter.com/cuWAk3JWh3

#ENDGrandNational The Grand National fences are much bigger than those at other
British racecourses, both in height & spread !!

#ENDGrandNational Most fences have DITCHES on either side of them that are wider
&  deeper than those a horse would normally expect to jump!

#ENDGrandNational Fence 15 The Chair is highest fence on course, 5 feet 2" &
also the narrowest w/ a 6 -foot wide ditch immediately before!

#ENDGrandNational Becher's Brook is most lethal fence on Grand National course
due angled position on approach right after 5 fences!!

#ENDGrandNational Most starters fail to complete the two circuits with many
falling at Becher's Brook, The Chair and the Canal Turn.

#ENDGrandNational Grey Sobrero, Land Lark, Kintai are all racehorses who DIED at
Fence 15, called "The Chair".

#ENDGrandNational Two horses, Plaisir D'Estruval & Prudent Honour, broke their
necks in falls in 2010 at Fence 9-Valentine's Brook

#ENDGrandNational Fence & Ditch 6-Becher's Brook has seen 10 deaths - Dooneys
Gate, who broke his back at the fence is 1 of those.

#ENDGrandNational in 2011 the BHA failed to acknowledge Graphic Approach as a
fatality who died from complications of fall on course.

#ENDGrandNational Horses who died at Becher's Brook/Aintree racecourse-
Alverton, Winter Rain, Dark Ivy, Brown Trix, Seeandem, Eudipe.

#ENDGrandnational Fence 1-Plain is one of the smaller fences on the course but
it has brought down as many as 9 horses at a time

#ENDGrandNational @LushLTD to feature a window display in Leeds outlet, drawing
attention to horses who have died at recent Grand Nationals

#ENDGrandNational @AnimalAid to attend the annual demonstration outside the
gates of Aintree racecourse on the day of the Grand National

#ENDGrandNational @AnimalAid redesigned database of on-course equine fatalities,
Deathwatch, to be launched at start of the Grand National

#ENDGrandNational @Animal Aid activists will distribute thousands of leaflets
across UK,calling on the public not to place a bet on the race



April 2nd, 2013 9pm GMT, 4pm EST, please spread!! 86 elephants killed in a week, 33 pregnant! pic.twitter.com/IsYSylZFfE

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